Wild Art- Relationships with yourself, your tribe, and the natural world with artist Dori Bergman

Wild Art- Relationships with yourself, your tribe, and the natural world with artist Dori Bergman
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Wild Art- Relationships with yourself, your tribe, and the natural world with artist Dori Bergman

Jun 24 2022 | 00:31:05

Episode 6 June 24, 2022 00:31:05

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 Jason Hyland Xavier Fowler Annie Szarka

Show Notes

Welcome back, Villagers as we explore the power of art to connect us to our own wellbeing, the people around us, and the natural world.

Dori's art has a unique capacity to create a bridge between people as they explore and interpret the stunning visuals, colors, and deep meaning behind the world she depicts.

In this episode, new host Annie Szarka joins Jay as they chat with Dori Bergman. Dori has a background in adventure education and wilderness therapy and took the leap into an amazing career as an artist. Her art is... deeply moving. Join us as we learn more about her personal journey and explore the deep emotions her path has helped her convey on the canvas. You'll also learn about the Tater. A hero of many stories.

Dori's art can be seen on her website at myoutdoorart.com. You can find links to her site on our Village Voices Podcast Facebook page.

Turn up the dial, you won't regret it.

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